Quad City Gun Repair & Custom Works

Mission Statement
To Promote the popularity of and share my passion and enthusiasm for the hunting and shooting sports by providing a wide variety of professional quality GUNSMITHING services with emphasis on excellence in workmanship, safety, and required functionality of the completed job to both casual and competitive shooters, hunters, collectors and dealers In the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

Labor Prices

Shop Labor Rates Formula; (Parts & Materials Costs NOT Included, Prices are Subject to change without notice.)

QCGR&CW Labor rates are "LOOSELY BASED" on the "AVERAGED" high/low price range
as listed in the "Shop Price Survey" of the most recent Brownells catalog that is in my possession.
(I am currently basing Prices as described above in  Accordance to those listed in the # 61, 2008/2009 Brownells catalog)
(EXAMPLE: As a "general rule of thumb” If a "price range" for a repair is listed
as "$100.00 to $200.00" The resultant "AVERAGED" Price would be $150.00.)
Depending on a variety of variable factors such as Hazard Involved, Time required to complete or the complexity of the required operation(s), the QCGR&CW Labor Rate may be
either Higher or Lower than the "AVERERAGED" Price But, this "rule of thumb" Formula
will at least give a "Ball Park Idea" as to what you might expect the Labor cost for a
given repair to be.

CURRENT QCGR&CW  LABOR RATES; (Parts/Materials/Test Fire Ammo NOT Included. Prices are Subject to change without notice.)  I have listed some of the most common pricing questions I regularly receive for your convenience.  They are NOT a complete list of the services QCGR&CW offers.

View sample labor sheet - coming soon!

Please email gunguy@qcgrandcw.com for information