Quad City Gun Repair & Custom Works

Mission Statement
To Promote the popularity of and share my passion and enthusiasm for the hunting and shooting sports by providing a wide variety of professional quality GUNSMITHING services with emphasis on excellence in workmanship, safety, and required functionality of the completed job to both casual and competitive shooters, hunters, collectors and dealers In the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

Special Services

FFL Gun Receiving/Deposition Service

QCGR&CW will for a minimal fee of 30.00 (per gun), receive Firearms (for Iowa residents only.)  for LEGAL Deposition from Out of State Dealers. In addition to all other needed forms of identification, QCGR&CW shall, as a matter of company policy and without exception, (So as to negate the need to make a “NICS” Background Check Call) require all IA. residents who are prospective recipients of deposed Firearms to possess and provide a valid IA Permit to Purchase Pistols and Revolvers, or a Valid  IA. Concealed Carry Permit for any/all gun transfers whether Handguns or Long guns BEFORE the transfer of said firearm from out of state dealer is accepted.
Insurance Appraisal/Estimate Service (On Site/In Home Service Available for additional fee)

Written Insurance Estimates/Appraisals on a "Per Gun, basis" based on values as listed in "Blue Book of Gun Values and other Publications/Documentation "as available"  
“On-Site” In your Home/Place of Business Appraisal Service is available on a “By Appointment Only” basis at additional charge upon request.  Submission of Valid Credit card # to be charged to ensure payment for additional “On Site” fees and mileage required before “On-Site” trip is made.
Fire/Water Damage Restoration;
QCGR&CW has completed many successful restoration projects due to either fire and/ or water damage for both private and Business customers. Fire and Water Damage restoration work is dependant on the type and amount of damage sustained and must be evaluated & priced on an individually specific case by case basis.

Please email gunguy@qcgrandcw.com for information